Learning how to dance is always either very enjoyable to some or a major challenge to others. Rock n Roll dancing is very enjoyable, great music, friendly and moderately easy to pick up. It may feel like a huge hill to climb for the first two nights but once you finish your 6 week block, you wondered how you ever thought it was going to be hard and you feel the need to carry on. Come along and have a go. The club have a great talented group of tutors and helpers that will guide you to where you want to go and help you to become either a social dancer or carry on to compete if that is where you feel you want to head.

Cheryl Cross¬†is the clubs Tuition Manager and she mainly controls all aspects of tuition’s from the cost, times/ dates, to what gets taught. To get in contact call her on 0275120144.

Below is a brief outline of what each class is all about.


Basic lessons – A 6 week block of lessons learning the basics of rock n roll dancing. From the basic step to learning 6 -7 different moves that even the two left feet couples would have no problem in picking up. This block of classes are usually held from 6.30pm till 7.30pm on a Wednesday. It is preferable to come with a partner.

Advanced Lessons – a 3 week block of the next step up from basic classes. This class follows on from the basic beginners learning more in depth about how to rock n roll dance. If you think you have mastered the basic 6 week block then you should feel comfortable to move up to this level. From 6.30pm till 7.30pm on a Wednesday night. Either become a member of the club and have this block free or pay as normal.

Intermediate classes – A 3 week block. This block is totally members only and more for the experienced dancers. Learning more technical moves etc and putting moves together into a routine. 7.30pm till 8.30pm on a Friday night.



Basic Beginners – A 4 week block of basic movement. Ages range from 6 years to 16 years. It does help coming with a partner or you may be partnered with another junior. For the 4 weeks the juniors learn the basic rock n roll step as well as 4-5 basic moves. Classes start from 5.30pm till 6.30pm on a Wednesday.

Advanced – A 3 week block. This is a next step up from basic beginners where you learn more moves and advanced movement. Either join as a member here and get the block free or pay as normal.


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