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Memoirs from 2014 Rocking with the Stars Event

Winners of 2014, Erin and Joe

Hannah and Jeremy Winders
Hannah and Jeremy Winders preparing
John Brown and Melanie Bradley
Karen Birch and Gary Tong
Karen Birch, Marcia Campbell and Gary Tong preparing
Our 10 rocking star couples ready to perform
The full team of 2014 Rocking with the Stars
Emma and Simon being introduced
Kelly and Karen being introduced
Shona and Jeff being introduced
John and Melanie being introduced
Karen and Gary being introduced
Shannon and John being introduced
Joe and Erin being introduced
Hannah and Jeremy being introduced


Karl and Julie walking the red carpet

Emma being thrown round with Simon
Karen and Kelly strutting their stuff on the dance floor
Jeff and Shona going through their routine
John and Melanie performing a dip during their routine
Jon and Shannon with this impressive throw during their routine
Brittany and Stephen showing their attitude through their routine

Joe and Erin show their amazing throws off

Jeremy and Hannah Strutting their stuff
Karl and Julie with an impressive straddle
The entire group of dancers ready to hear the placings
Our very own junior top team going through their routine
the junior top team of 2014
Junior top team in throw mode
great team work of the junior top team
Here are the top four finalists
Overall winners, on the left in second place Jon and Shannon, and in first place, Joe and Erin
One another congratulating each other
Erin being congratulated by Nerada, one of the judges
all competitors and the major winner
Stephen, Brittany and one of our members and sponsor Lyn Mckenzie


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